Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun in Alaska

My awesome friends flew me up for a weekend.  Just to hang out and catch up in person!  And, eat, of course.  I think the pictures will tell the story.

Cardboard Sara and Chef Sara met me at the airport. 

Lori strumming "You Ain't Going Nowhere"

Playing with the Alaska Jumping Flea Society

A fully-stocked case at Sugarspoon.  Just give me a fork.

Katie and Erik.

Tommy Boy and Lori

Nachos!  Nachos!  Nachos!

Erik made our coffees! Lesson courtesy of Sara.

Sharing delish desserts

Jamming at Tommy's

Road Trip Ukuleles customer, Brian, likes his uke!

Breakfast at Spenard Roadhouse

The "Saras" skiing at Russian Jack.
Tommy, Sara, and Marvin.

Kelly and Sara.  Miss you!!!

Look at those mountains!

Ray's is closed?  What the what?  I should've remembered that!

V.I.P. Korean Restaurant

Erik went shopping for ukes the very next day!

I waited a long time for a Kaladi Latte.

Tommy and Jeff

Sara's ah-mazing salads!  Hello beets!

Lori and Josh

Josh - I miss you every day!!!!

Jennifer!  Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

Pineapple Punch and Red Velvet.  Hollah!

Red Velvet number two

Thanks for the hospitality, Tommy!

DJ Spencer Lee in the House on May 2!

Snow City breakfast sammy rivals McKay Cottage sammy.

Gov. Parnell shared the plane with me.  He rides in Coach!

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