Wednesday, April 10, 2013

House Concert - Best EVER

Late one evening, my landlord/neighbor, Annie, and I came up with a great idea as we were surfing websites and talking about friends.  Let's host a house concert! Gwyneth and Monko, a duo from Mendocino, CA were traveling through Oregon for a few shows. We met Gwyneth and Monko last September at the American Song Academy in Sisters, Oregon.  See previous post from then to read more about it.

Our plan: Lure them to Bend with good food, a guest room (courtesy of Annie), and Annie's granola.

Tickets sold fast.  We promised guests delish snacks, desserts, and some fantastic music.  I think everyone enjoyed the evening!
Annie's gorgeous vegetable platter

Hello mango!!
Love Gwyneth's smile!

Getting ready!

Tuning between songs.  I have a front row seat!

They played two sets, sold CDs, wowed the guests, and there were hugs all around.  What a good evening.

Sorry, no food shots of my contributions.  I made Thai pizza, mini pumpkin whoopie pies, macadamia chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter and jelly thumbprints, and roasted garlic dip.

Monko and the newest uke - Sold!
After a brief tour of Emil's shop, they hit the road for a show in Portland. Monko tuned up the latest uke and tried it out. Now, it's been played by a professional, and it's ready for delivery to a patient customer!

I recommend checking out their music!  My two favorites are "Eloise" and "Can't Stay Long." 

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