Sunday, October 28, 2012

mya-moe ukuleles

As you may recall, I arranged a shop tour at mya-moe ukuleles for Emil's birthday gift.  We traveled to White Salmon for the tour, and it was absolutely fantastic in many ways.

Gordon was so kind to spend time and walk us through the build process.  The workshop is thoughtfully organized, and I've never seen so many clamps in my life.  We asked lots of questions and admired the beautiful wood.  Seeing ukuleles in the different stages was really interesting.

They just launched their newly designed website today.  Check it out!

We're so thankful for Gordon and Char's time...what wonderful people!  I'm saving up for a mya-moe ukulele!

Other highlights on our trip:  A cute hotel in Hood River decked out in fall decor, delicious food, snowy passes, a visit to a music store in The Dalles, and a new amp added to our music collection.

Winter is here in the mountain pass.

View from the hotel room of Full Sail Brewery and the Columbia River.

Front porch of the Oak Street Hotel.

Wild turkey flock.  There are two flocks in White Salmon.

Red curry with pears, zucchini, cremini, and a cool yogurt sauce.

Alaskan cod with the best french fries EVER.

Curry artichoke dip.  Now you know why I have a gut bomb!
Darn!  I forgot to take a picture of Emil's new amp.  It will be used for checking sound from the ukes he makes.  We'll also use it for music nights at our house and the Tuesday night jams.  We tried it out last night with our iPod and "Surfin' USA" sounded great from it.

Time to detox from all the delicious food, bake goodies with the local fruit we bought, and belt out songs in the comfort of our living room!

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