Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All About the Food

In Greenville, I ate my way down the Woodruff Road vicinity.  Before leaving for the trip, I dreamed about the grilled pimento cheese sammy from Strossner's Bakery.  Luckily, we had lunch there on our first day.

Homemade Pimento Cheese on grilled multi-grain bread.

Emil's sammy:  Turkey, Havarti, strawberries, and red pepper jelly!

I splurged on one sweet tea a.k.a sugar water.

Before leaving Greenville, we had a country breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Emil had french toast with peaches and a pile of whip cream.  I kept it simple...eggs and biscuits.  We shared their famous hashbrown casserole.  I was tempted to finish the meal with blackberry cobbler.

Cracker Barrel French Toast
These pics are for my friend, Erica.  She is a HUGE UNC fan.  Since my brother went to Clemson, we're all Tiger fans.  Thought she would appreciate it!

Go Tigers!

Go Tarheels!
Couldn't get out of town without some fried pickles.  Seems like a new trend these days on menus.

My jellyfish stings are slowly healing.  Leaving some pretty awful battle scars on my legs, foot, and hand.  Patti, my uber talented sister-in-law drew a pic detailing the attack minus me squirting tears in front of my nephews and niece.

Now it's time to work on a scrapbook for my parents showing vacation highlights.  THANK YOU to all the family and friends who sent in a lovely letter congratulating them on their 50th Anniversary!

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