Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week of Revelations

1.  I'm an awful packer.  My idea of packing....grab some reusable grocery bags and toss items in.  This works particularly well for me since I personally don't own much.  I sold all of my work clothes (too big, yay!) on eBay.  The only items I had to box up are my spices.

According to Emil, I pack big heavy items on top of small fragile items.  And, I place boxes in the wrong area.  Case in point:  We are staging boxes and items under the carport.  He didn't tell me where to put boxes, so I just threw them out there.  Apparently, I put them in the wrong place.

Also, all my little grocery bags of stuff out there are perfect nesting places for animals.  Guess I should bring them in before the skunks get all culinary with my spices and dry goods.  And my bags of bed pillows would be great hiding places for snakes and scorpions.  

2.  Emil and I don't like the same kind of furniture.  Maybe this is why we had very little furniture in Alaska.  Most of the items were borrowed from friends.  Huh.

3.  I miss our china.  It's in storage in Alaska with lots of other household goods.  Thanks to my Mother and Dad for the anniversary to buy plates here from thrift stores, a toaster oven, and flatware.

I'm sure more revelations will come up as we finish packing and begin a new adventure in the city.  Looking forward to walking/biking around town, exploring the trail system, and being within walking distance of Brother Jon's (Hello Captain Jack Sparrow sammy).

Saying goodbye to our wonderful house-sitting opportunity...well, that's going to be a tearful post.

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