Saturday, June 30, 2012

Decorating and Dinner

My friend, Becky, has an amazing knack for home decor.  Every time I go over there, I tell her I love her house and want mine to look just like hers.  She has a good eye for matching color, furniture, and more.  Her plants and yard are magazine photo worthy!

We had dinner with her and Mike last night.  She surprised us with a beautiful coffee table that she re-did for our new house.
With two handmade pillows to match!
Our first really nice piece of furniture here in Oregon (Emil's lovely furniture is in storage in Alaska).  So nice!  Thank you!  Mike grilled delicious kebabs - teriyaki and garlic.

Tender beef, veggies, plus grilled sweet taters!
I love salads if someone else makes them!  My salads are boring, which is why I rarely make them or eat them!  Becky's salad is full of mixed greens, walnuts, Oregon strawberries, pears, avocado, onion, and feta cheese.

So, I'll be hiring Becky to decorate our new place.  She is great at bargaining and knows exactly what I like.  All I have to do is give her a wad of cash and make sure her sewing machine is set up.  Oh, did I mention she made beautiful Roman shades for her kitchen?  Gorgeous!!

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