Monday, May 28, 2012

Misery Trail

One of my bucket list items is to hike Misery Trail at Smith Rock.  It looks quite intimidating from the parking lot.  Yesterday, with new hiking shoes on, we set out to do it.  The weather was nice...about 75 degrees and partly sunny.  I will's not that bad of a trail.  I huffed and puffed harder just going up the trail to the parking lot more than on Misery Trail. 

At the top of the ridge...I didn't look down since I'm not a fan of heights.
There were climbers on the back side of Monkey Face.  Pretty impressive.

See the guy halfway up?
Back side of Monkey Face
We saw approximately 40 Canada Geese with 20+ goslings, and the flowers are out in full.

LOVE my new hiking shoes.  Thanks, Mother and Dad!
Another view of Monkey Face
It was a really nice hike, and Smith Rock State Park was super crowded.  Everyone was having a grand time - hiking, having a picnic, climbing, and taking pictures. 

We came home and washed windows outside (thanks for the squeegee, Becky!), played with the cats, and contemplated summer plans.  Maybe some bike touring again in the San Juan Islands?

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