Saturday, March 24, 2012

Super Saturday

Our second group of guests are here until Monday, so we spent the afternoon in Bend.  Went for a walk on the Deschutes River Trail and saw folks fishing, people walking their dogs, and families out enjoying the day.  The view of the lava rock is pretty spectacular from that part of the trail.

On the way back to town, we stopped in at Seventh Mountain Resort.  Emil and I stayed there a couple of years ago when we came here on vacation.  They have ice skating and a heated pool.  Watching kids throw snowballs at each other and then jumping into the pool was very amusing.

Guests enjoying a hot toddy around the fire pit.

Air temp was around 45 degrees.  Folks are swimming away in a warm pool!

Next to the pool is an ice skating rink.

Next, a stop at Newport Market to look at fun stuff, salivate at the deli counter, and look for goodies.  Mike, one of the produce gurus spent three weeks building a new display for their produce.  It is super cool, and he told us all about it.

Emil's parents generously treated us to dinner, so we chose Jackson's Corner.  We've been there a few times and love the atmosphere. So laid back, good music, and fun people watching. Oh yeah...and the beverage coolers.

The pepperoni is from Redmond Smokehouse.

I had an amazing steak sandwich on the best bread EVER.  No pic as it just doesn't do it justice.  Consider this: Tender locally raised steak strips, blue cheese, provolone cheese, and caramelized onions.  Enough said.

Another highlight of the day:  Listening to NPR this morning during my usual Saturday morning. baking. I've missed you the past few weeks.

Congrats to Teri and Troy on their new house in Redmond!  Just a few miles from us, and the lovely house overlooks the Dry Canyon Trail with easy access for biking and walking.

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