Monday, November 14, 2011

Butternut Squash Soup

So, I've been trying out new soup recipes over the last few weeks.  Perfect for several meals and then portioned out for the freezer.  I cheated for this soup and bought frozen squash, roasted it with onions, garlic and carrots before adding it to the broth.  It was pretty good, and I think it will be even tastier today for lunch...this time garnished with freshly grated parmesan cheese and of course, bacon.  Bacon makes everything better.

I did a little Christmas shopping yesterday on-line, plus I'm making some of the gifts this year.  Opened up my "Christmas stash" drawer and there were 15 knitted dishcloths.  Thank goodness, a friend is teaching me to knit mittens.  Let's hope I can catch on quick enough.

Some of my favorite sites are below:
This website is particularly good viewed via smart phone.  It's much better organized.  There are some great coupons on there for Barnes & Noble, Michael's, and many more.  Definitely work checking each day for the deals.
Love homemade items!  These vendors are wonderful, and I love the bags from Guten Tag.  She is located here in Oregon. 

And, of course, my super talented sister-in-law is an amazing artist.  She does silhouettes, pencil sketches, and more.  You don't need to be in Greenville for any of these items...she can do them from a picture.  Check it out at  Perfect gift for grandparents and parents!

Happy Shopping!

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