Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Best Night Aglamesis Brothers Ice Cream

Home Projects completed yesterday:  Painted stairwell and ceiling, weeded flower beds, cleaned chicken coop, harvested five cucumbers and three zucchini, straightened up the new barn.

All this hard work was rewarded by a delicious meal at Laszlo's Iron Skillet, complete with Schnitzel, potato pancakes and hot slaw.  Karla's hot slaw is much better than their version though. 

We ended the evening with Aglamesis Brothers Ice Cream, where the servers know Emil by his "order."  Arriving right before they closed for the evening, the super cute servers asked if we were willing to eat our ice cream in to go cups instead of the metal dishes.  They said it's been a long day, and it would be less dishes to wash.  Sure thing.  As they scooped up our order one by one, the girls became confused and duplicated the double scoop of black raspberry chip.  WOO  HOO!  They asked if we wanted it, and my adorable nephews actually paused before answering.  You know me...I piped up immediately and said yes, we would take it.  BEST NIGHT EVER!  What would have made the night go down in history is they duplicated another double scoop of mint chocolate chip and red raspberry chip.  Unfortunately, they did not offer that one to us.

Today, we are building supports for the old barn, running errands (Aglamesis Brothers run), and prepping the front door for a paint job.  The humidity is lower, and nighttime temp should be in the mid 50's.  Nice.

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