Monday, July 25, 2011

Ohio and Family Reunions

We're having a great time in Ohio!  Helping out with home projects (building supports in the old barn for firewood, installing towel racks, hanging a clothesline, splitting firewood), eating ice cream and visiting with family.  My brother and his family have an impressive garden, and I love harvesting vegetables and fruit from it.  When we came home from the reunion in Kentucky, I picked a bucket full of cucumbers, bell peppers and lots of huge zucchini.

In addition to the three fish tanks, bearded dragonl (Leo), two cats (Flash and Tiger), duck (Donald) and his wild duck companion, and gerbil (Whiskers), they have a new addition.  Bailey, the cutest dog ever!  He is half German Shepherd, half Rottweiler.

12 weeks old and absolutely adorable
The Jones Family Reunion was a good time.  It was nice to see relatives whom I haven't seen in over 15 years.  Everyone looks the same!  Emil said I was at a disadvantage (being Korean) because everyone knew who I was.  There are three brothers and three sisters on my Mother's side of the family.  I have 13 first cousins from their brood.  Most of the family lives near Ohio, so the reunion was held at Lake Barkley, Kentucky.

At breakfast on the last day, I asked Ted and family what their favorite part of the reunion was.  Everyone had a different answer.  My favorite part was swimming in the pool and playing board games.  Ted rented a pontoon boat for the afternoon, and we tooled around Lake Barkley and swam.

Kudos to Mother who did a fantastic job organizing the big group of folks.  

Sam doing a jackknife jump

Enjoying the warm lake water

Ted and Aaron

How many times can we hit the ball and keep it in the air?

Uncle Bill, Aunt Joyce and family

Playing Bocce Ball
Camping in a 107 degree heat index.  I didn't complain at all!

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