Saturday, March 05, 2011

Toomie's Thai Restaurant

Last week, I stumbled across a website featuring Bend restaurants, and the reviewer is HILARIOUS.  He's sharp, honest, and doesn't apologize.  I SO want to eat out with him.  I'll even pick up the tab.  His comments and snappy retorts remind me of Josh Niva, giving me a hard time on our daily walk for morning coffee back in Anchorage.

Visit his website:

We are checking out some new restaurants since we're having three weeks of various visitors come to town soon, and I want to take them out for some good chow.  Tonight, we went to Toomie's Thai Restaurant.  First of all, it was not busy at all for a Saturday night at 7 p.m.  I've noticed several restaurants aren't busy at peak the economy really that bad in Bend?  I have to wonder...don't people eat out anymore??

For an appetizer, we had these delightful steamed dumplings filled with pork, chicken and shrimp served on top of fresh bean sprouts, chilies, garlic, green onions, and a sassy soy sauce.  It went along nicely with my Thai Iced Tea.  Dinner order was Toomie's special fried rice and a spicy pan fried chicken with red peppers, garlic, onion, chilies, bamboo shoots, and thai basil.  I have to be honest...I didn't care for the fried rice.  Kind of mushy and too much coconut milk, not enough peanut sauce.  I will give them props for using peanut sauce though.  I did like the chicken dish, and the spice was just enough.  We'll have to go back for lunch and give some other dishes a try, particularly their soup.

Here are some pics of the food:

Steamed Dumplings

Where's the rice?

Spicy Chicken (#56 on the menu)

On a side note:  A special shout out to Spencer Shroyer, who is leaving Anchorage Daily News.  I will miss reading his articles, but I'm excited to hear about his new adventure.  He's my go to guy for restaurant picks, as he knows all the best places in every city.  I may hit up Pine State Biscuits next weekend in Portland, Spencer!!  Fried green tomatoes!

AND, I finally watched this week's episode of Top Chef.

1.  I was really nervous for Richie.  Thought he might get the boot.  Phew.

2.  I LOVE Dan Barber.
My goal is to visit Blue Hill at Stone Barns for a tour and a taste of good local food.  Maybe it can be a treat when my book is published.


  1. Hey Sara, glad you like my posts! I think this Saturday in particular was slow downtown since the Friday before was First Friday. This is where a ton of Bendites hit the streets to visit the different restaurants and art galleries for a little wine and appreciation of local artists.

    But you are also correct, most restaurants are not too busy that you can't just walk up at peak times and get a seat. Aside from the new Gatsby's and Brickhouse, you can get away without having reservations.

    You'll like the Toomies lunch special for sure.


  2. BOR,

    Thanks for the blog love! I appreciate the good info. Brother Jon's is next on my list to try!