Friday, March 18, 2011

Brother Jon's Public House

I've been dreaming about the Captain Jack Sparrow sandwich from Brother Jon's Public House ever since I tasted it last week.  Today, we did a quick trip to Costco to purchase goodies for our first round of visitors and stopped in for a super early lunch at Brother Jon's.  Unlike me at all...I tried something new, even though I really wanted the Captain Jack Sparrow again.  The club sandwich with smoked chicken instead of turkey.  It was HUGE!  And, delicious!  They also had four other sammies on special and three soups, so I tried a cup of the potato leek soup.  Very good!

Emil will enjoy the remaining monstrous half of my club sandwich tonight while he's at work.  Are you surprised I shared?  Yep, me too.  He did share a bite of his Captain Jack Sparrow with me! 

Look how much space just half of the club takes up on my plate!

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