Sunday, February 20, 2011

Self-Publishing my Book

Yesterday, Emil and I attended a wonderful workshop at Paulina Springs Books, here in Redmond.  Ginger Dehlinger, the presenter, was just delightful and a fantastic public speaker.  She recently self-published her novel, Brute Heart.  Please visit her blog at  I took seven pages of notes, and I am SO GLAD we attended the workshop.  She spoke about the process to self-publish a book, why to choose self-publishing versus an agent and publisher, developing a marketing plan, and the costs involved.  Very informative!  I also won a copy of her book as a door prize, and I have already started reading it. You can order the book from her blog above or download it to your iPad (Mother!).

Inspired by some of her information, I incurred my first expense today towards publishing my novel.  Are you ready??  Red pens and highlighters.  I will supply my two beta readers with these items plus a printed manuscript.  Hooray!

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