Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Fish On

We checked out the Flyfishing Film Tour tonight at McMenamin's St. Francis School - St. Francis Theater.  First, I love the theater!  Loveseats spread out in an intimate atmosphere and super friendly staff.  We had pizza, cajun tator tots, and popcorn.  Perfect for viewing fish porn.  And, it was GOOD!  The one movie that highlighted fishing for permit was my favorite.  Emil's favorite was trout fishing in New Zealand.

The tour is coming to a town near you!  I already checked for my Anchorage pals... March 24th at Bear Tooth.  Woo Hoo!  Lots of free swag too!  We both took home t-shirts, Larabars, ballcaps, and magazines.

Here's the link to the tour:
And a link to McMenamin's:

Shout out to LoMo for giving us a heads up on McMenamin's.  She visited their pub in Portland awhile back. 

On our next visit, we'll check out the soaking pool!

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