Sunday, January 30, 2011

Break out the Chacos

On Saturday, we hiked the Dry River Gorge which is an extinct waterway that emptied the Ice Age "Lake Millican."  It was an easy 4 mile hike that meanders upstream on the canyon floor.  No pictures from our hike since we were rushing to finish before sunset.   

Two interesting items about the Dry River Gorge:
1.  Modern petroglyphs adorn some of the boulders
2. Two Ponderosas grow there, and they need 14 inches of rain to grow, and the canyon receives less than 10 inches.

Today, we explored Cline Falls and walked along that section of the Deschutes River.  Gorgeous stretch in particular, due to the high water level.  We will venture back with fishing poles soon.

A pair of swans

Cline Falls

Several layers of clothing and Chacos

Photo credit to Emil Teague!

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  1. These are beautiful photographs! And you look great by the way!