Saturday, October 09, 2010

Happy Rainy Saturday!  It was a great day to stay in, bake and work on my book.  I have leftover buttermilk from the pumpkin muffins I made earlier this week, so I found a recipe on Epicurious for Raspberry Buttermilk Cake.  Course, I have no raspberries, so I used blueberries instead.  Really nice cake... light texture, not overly sweet and good flavor.

Heading into the oven

Ready to eat!
Here is the recipe link:

Two days ago, we explored the Crooked River below Bowman Dam.  It's 40 miles from our house and a beautiful drive through cattle country.  We both hooked into several rainbow trout, and I caught my first whitefish.  Emil also caught a crawfish.  YIKES!

I will pinch you with my claws!

Yes, I know it's small.

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  1. If I held that fish in my hand it would look HUGE! It is all about perspective :-).