Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It was a busy day today on the farm. I collected one egg from the chicken coop, cleaned up the coop and surrounding areas, swept off the wrap-around porch, watered plants and more. Much different type of work than several weeks ago when I was gearing up for the United Way Campaign. I miss everyone there so much! Plus, those daily runs to Kaladi in the mornings.... hello Kaladi Latte.

We visited True Value Hardware and Fin and Fire flyfishing shop in Redmond. Secured non-resident fishing licenses, picked up some streamers, nymphs and a guide to fishing Central Oregon. Also chatted with some avid fisherman who gladly pointed out where to fish. They all said that we could fish a different spot each day of the year close by, and it would never be the same spot twice. Very cool, indeed.

I've never lived in a state with a bottle deposit, so we investigated one center today at Fred Meyer. The machine jammed a lot, and there were several people in line. We will venture back in the early morning to test it out. I saw several Moms with kids push a cart up full of coke cans or beer bottles.

Our first fishing trip was to Steelhead Falls near Crooked Creek Ranch. It's part of the Deschutes River, and we were told to fish at dusk and bring headlamps. Okay.... Emil caught an 11 inch rainbow using a Conehead Flashabu leech.

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