Thursday, September 09, 2010

Hi to all from Prince George.  A lovely town and the biggest one we've encountered so far in British Columbia and the Yukon.  The drive today took us by a lot of farms and few rest areas.  We saw a coyote right by the road who hung out and posed for pictures.  Also, came across 6 black bears munching on grass at various spots along the drive.  It's the closest I've been to a black bear, and they are super cute.

In Prince George, there are three McDonalds (just in time for my Friday sausage and cheese biscuit ritual) and a Starbucks.  I haven't had any coffee since Tim Horton's in Whitehorse, so I am looking forward to a caffeine surge.

Now, we are deciding what to do next as I think a little recreation should be, sightseeing, visiting relatives or something out of the car.  Our fast driving has put us ahead of schedule, and we have some time to relax.

Thinking often of work (trying to retain data mining in case I need it) and friends.  I miss everyone very much already!

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