Thursday, October 30, 2014

Incredible Support

My heartfelt thanks to my mother for her support on everything I do. In particular, her edits to the sequel book I'm working on right now. Like the first book, she is brutal with edits and completely honest. It's what I need from someone reading my book. She told me yesterday, "I can be honest with you because I'm not afraid of you." Ha!

I've laughed so much with her these past few weeks. She gives the best critique. Most of the time, I listen to her edits and comments. There are only a few of them I disregard. But, I tell her, so she won't be surprised with the final cut of the book.

My character is really into food and lattes. Just like me in real life. I dream about lattes and wake up thinking about a latte. In fact, I think this dreary weather calls for a latte run. I do deserve it because I'm going to work on my book this morning. All the food and lattes in the book drives Mother crazy!

The sequel will hopefully be published by the holidays. I received three great cover concepts from the graphic designer. Everything is rolling along.

Here's a throwback Thursday pic of Mother and I in Denali National Park.

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