Thursday, February 13, 2014


We played cribbage the other night with a bunch of friends.  It's one of my favorite card games, next to euchre.  I learned to play cribbage at a very early age.  My grandparents taught me to play, and I have many fond memories from playing over the years.  A few years ago, I taught Emil to play and passed down the wisdom I learned from Grandpa.  Never break up a run.  You never know what the turn up card will be, and it could make a huge point difference in your hand.

Here are a few memories from playing:

1.  During my teen years, I always wanted to watch TV while we played.  My grandparents had cable, so I could soak up MTV when I visited them in Florida.  I lost every game if the TV was on.  A huge distraction, but I vividly remember watching the Paradise City video by Guns N' Roses.

2. If there wasn't a seat for me at the table, I played waitress and took drink orders.  At their home in Cincinnati, I would carry around paper and pen.  Of course, I was too little to fulfill the orders.  Pretty sure that's where my waitressing career began.

3.  In close point games, I remember Grandma and her partner would say funny things before cutting the turn up card - little chants and such.  Sometimes, they would switch chairs, thinking it would change the outcome of the cards.  Being a little kid and watching that seemed so fun.  Sometimes it would work.

4.  Snacks were a big thing.  I remember eating Gardetto's Original Snack Mix out of small wooden bowls.  Two bowls on the table in between folks.

Here's a pic:

We played cribbage last night during the Olympics.  Just didn't work out since my attention span was on the women's skiing!  Go figure!

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