Thursday, November 28, 2013

Come on 2014!

I'm counting the days until 2014.  I had several family members pass away this last month, and it's very sad.  I'm ready for a new year.

I'm also ready for some new challenges in my personal life.  Finishing the publication of my book will be great.  What type of book should I focus on next?  There are several ideas swirling around in my head.  But, I feel like I can't focus on those ideas until my book is put to bed.  Must be done by the end of this year!

It's too early for resolutions, but I do have a few goals in mind for next year. 

1.  Take skate skiing lessons.  Listen to the instructor.  Practice, Practice, Practice.
2.  Take downhill skiing lessons or snowboard lessons.  Taking one lesson when I was in middle school didn't stick.
3.  Get to my goal weight.  This means even more exercise.  Which would be easier if my heel wasn't hurt.  I'm patiently waiting for the Affordable Care Act to kick in.  I'm headed for PT, and I've already picked out the office.  Close to my house, and I know the therapist.
4.  Volunteer at a meaningful organization.  Oh, Food Bank of Alaska, I miss you.
5.  Be a better spouse.  Isn't that on everyone's list?

Well, today is Thanksgiving.  Time to cook a ton of food, gain weight, and watch football.  Wait.  This year, we're totally non-traditional!  We've planned practically nothing for today.  Possible ideas for today:  Walk the Butte, limp through the I Like Pie 5k, eat huevos rancheros, chase the cat around the house, practice uke from the comfort of our couch, play games with friends, soak up Vitamin D on a walk, eat stuffed french toast and tater tots, list stuff on eBay, watch the Ravens win, talk with family, and go to bed early.  Sounds perfect to me!

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