Wednesday, July 24, 2013

LoMo Visit

Lori (aka LoMo) traveled on down from Alaska to attend Ukulele University and then hung out for a few extra days!  Late nights playing uke, bar-hopping during Happy Hour, and floating the Deschutes River filled our time.  Even though the weather was warm, we hiked (she dragged me) up Pilot Butte, and we never ran out of things to talk about.

Enjoying libations at Ukulele University

Happy Hour stop #3 - Crux Fermentation

Out of the Sugar Daddy Beer.

Happy Hour stop #4 - Jackon's Corner

She made me breakfast!  Leftover taco fixings with a fried egg.

Chillin' on the Deschutes River
We floated the Deschutes River three times.  What a nice time!  Of course, we stopped in at Dakine Grindz for a shaved ice after one of the floats. 

Next up:  book edits, photo project, keep Yam awake during the day, and chores.  And, back to the diet!  I splurged for three weeks.  Mmmmmm ... chocolate zucchini cake!

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