Monday, June 24, 2013

The celebration continues

As we meandered down the coast, we stopped by the Oregon Dunes.  An interesting sight among the myrtle wood and other hardwoods.

Walking up

Running down

Pretty flowers. 
Stopped and talked with two gals from Ottawa.  They are biking from Tillamook to San Fran.  Noticed they both had ukuleles packed on their bike.  What a kick!

In Reedsport, there's a wonderful myrtlewood gallery with lots to see, buy, and touch.  Emil picked up a few nice wood slabs for ukuleles.

Touching every piece of wood is required.  Also going back to the store the
next day is necessary. Just in case they put out more wood to see.

This is his anniversary gift from me.

Second largest timber port in Oregon

We flew kites in Coos Bay on the beach.  The kite kept crashing when I tried it fly it.  I blame the wind.  When it crashed on Emil's head, the string caught on his ear.  That would've been an interesting story to tell at the Emergency Room.  Luckily, he's okay, just sore.  

Which handle do I pull on?

Crash.  Again.

The master kite flyer!  Dig in, lean back, just at 9 miles an hour wind speed.
All in all, it was a nice weekend trip!  Thanks to my parents for the anniversary gift!  Very thoughtful and generous!  We came home to several anniversary cards and warm wishes!

Time to chase Yam around with the squirt bottle or super soaker!

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