Saturday, May 04, 2013

Ski, Bike, Repeat

We're trying to squeeze in a few more days of nordic skiing.  Blue skies, warm temps = short sleeves! Emil is mastering skate skiing, while I huff and puff to keep up.

Gorgeous day!

Yesterday, Emil did a long bike ride to Smith Rock.  Took him four hours and 20 minutes to bike 65 1/2 miles.  He got a little bit sunburned.  Ouch!  He was already rocking a sweet farmer's tan.

Today was another beautiful day - 70 degrees and blue skies.  I was curious if I could still ride a bike, seeing that I'm so not a biker.  We rode almost nine miles at Phil's Trails.  Hello sore saddle on my first ride of the season.  The parking lot was crowded, but we didn't encounter many people on the trails.  Note to Tommy Boy:  Buy a bike when you move here, but I'm warning you now, it's a total sausagefest.  

As Emil would say, "This is reason 6,055 why I love Bend.  We can ski one day, bike another day, ski the next.  I love it here!"

Oh yes!  Last night, our ukulele group did a flash mob during First Friday in downtown Bend.  The nice weather brought people out in droves, plus there was huge event at the Tower Theater - Alaskan author, Eowyn Ivey is in town for our all community read program.

We blocked traffic, pulled out ukes, and sang "Runaround Sue."  There were approximately 50 ukers, singers, and many bystanders dancing and singing.  I recorded it with Emil's POV helmet camera, and he recorded it using a monopod.  No one got run over or honked at, thank goodness!

Check out the video here:

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