Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tis the Festival Season

Busy weekend!  Bend Summer Festival is going on this weekend, so we walked down this afternoon.  Yes...walked!  LOVE being close to everything.  Gorgeous sunny weather with a light wind.

I can sit up front while Emil pedals.  Awesome.

Cool little trailer, two beds and a table inside.

4+ stages of live music, booths, food, and more.

Cute guys playing fun music!

Blue Raspberry Shaved Ice = blue tongue, blue teeth, blue lips.
Community Bluegrass Jam - fellow ukers up there.

Viviane on mandolin.

Roger, lead vocals on "You Ain't Going Nowhere."

Steve, a fellow Alaskan and uker!
What a nice afternoon!  This week is super busy with writing group, book club, and the ukulele festival that we're helping to coordinate.  Better start strumming and practicing!

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