Saturday, June 02, 2012


Two things have inspired me lately.

1.  My friend, Wendy, in Grand Rapids, the triathlon queen.  Seeing her updates on Facebook makes me want to be outside all the time riding, swimming, and biking.
2.  A quote "I want to be 40 and Fabulous, not 40 and Fat."  Don't I know it!

So, this is my first full week of alternating biking and running.  I started biking about two weeks ago, but did just a few short rides.  Easing into it instead of my usual overdoing it and trying to bike to Sisters like Emil does on a consistent basis.  Grrr...I mean, yay for him!

Today was the day.  A big ride.  My secret goal was 20 miles, but I didn't share that with Emil until mile 6.25.  We started from our house and headed towards Crooked River Ranch.  Not too many hills, and so scenic with llamas and horses everywhere.

If you passed me in your car, my facial expression was a mix of the following:

- What's with this 10 mile headwind?  Are you freaking kidding me?
- Man, I've had to pee for like 40 minutes now.
- Woo Hoo!  A tailwind for a whole half mile.  This is the life!
- Wow.  Riding in 75 degree weather.  Oh, but it's a dry heat.  *smirk*

Stats:  20.17 miles in 1 hour and 39 minutes.  Emil was kind enough to wait for me as he pedaled up hills using only one pedal/foot.  He's so dang talented.

As I was going up small hills, breathing in twice, out once and cursing the headwind, I sang a few uke songs.  We have two gigs tomorrow, so I'm still learning the words and chords.  My repertoire included "You Ain't Going Nowhere," "Country Roads," and "Hey Good Lookin'."  Tomorrow morning, we're playing at the Heaven Can Wait Breast Cancer fundraiser.  Expected attendance is 4,000 people.  We better be loud!  In the afternoon, COCC and Bend Disc Golf is doing a fundraiser for Saving Grace.  We'll entertain folks as they compete on the course.

I made our current favorite dinner...zucchini tuna cakes and orzo pasta salad.  Here's the recipe for the tuna:

The orzo pasta salad is a riff on a salad from Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods).  Orzo, sundried maters, pesto, feta, green onions, kalamata olives, olive oil, and whatever else you have in your fridge.  It's refreshing.

Time to hit up the Advil and water!  Looking forward to a run tomorrow afternoon.  Wonder what songs I'll sing....

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