Wednesday, December 07, 2011

First Christmas Tree

I'm so excited!  Our first Christmas tree EVER.  Usually, we're traveling for the holidays or not around the house much, so we haven't bothered to buy a tree in the past.  Plus, most of my ornaments are stored in my hope chest at my parents house in Greenville.

Our wonderful neighbor, Mark, offered to take us tromping through the woods about an hour from our house.  We had permits to cut a tree, and it must be under 12 feet.  Since we don't have any decorations, we decided in advance to shoot for a five footer.  Buy some lights, hang our one ornament from Ron and Carrie, made in Saudi Arabia, and call it good.  Less is more.

Ummmm...yeah.  Funny how trees look bigger once you cut and put them in a tree stand.

A little too small

Definitely over 12 feet
Measuring a tree for Mark
This one was a runner up

Our tree

Get out the saw!

Goofing off
Emil carrying our tree back to the rig

The tree wagon
Walking back after a peek at the creek
Such a lovely day!  Sunny blue sky, 40+ degrees at least, and walking on top of crunchy snow, only post-holing every now and then.  I laughed when we would post-hole....thinking of the Ski Train in Alaska.  Another story for another time.

Time to buy lights and a tree topper!  I'm looking forward to collecting sentimental ornaments over the next few years.  Growing up, my favorite ornament was a cute set of green and red felt ice skates.  I wonder if Mother still has them.....

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