Tuesday, November 08, 2011


You all know I'm very family-oriented and super engaged with my nephews and nieces.  Emil and I are thankful for the time we spent over the summer with everyone.  It's hard being so far away from everyone.  Yes, Mother...I know you want us to move to Boone, NC.  Too hot!

My Uncle passed away last Thursday.  I know...if you're keeping track, it's been a rough winter so far for our family.  He was the oldest of my Mother's many siblings.  Many of my cousins traveled to the services, and I'm sad I couldn't make the trip.  Luckily, I talked with my oldest brother yesterday, and he filled me in on the weekend.  Sounds like a HUGE turnout 350 + at the memorial service...even the youth group leader from their church when they were kids attended.  She's in her 90's.

I'm fortunate because I saw Uncle Bill three weeks ago at my Grandma's memorial service.  We exchanged several hugs.  Sending many warm thoughts and prayers to my family! 

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