Thursday, August 04, 2011

Last Day in Providence and Beyond

We had a great time biking at Big River with Walter, Melanie and Sylven.  Emil had a HUGE smile on his face the whole time.  He missed biking.

Walter and Sylven
Sylven = all smiles on her new bike
Melanie kickin' butt on her first mountain bike ride
Back on the road again....

Stopped in at Berkshire Products that carries slabs of lumber bigger than your apartment.  Emil had a grand time looking around at the wood and burls.

Sawmill and additional buildings not pictured

Slab cut of a burl

6 ft wide, 18 ft long.  Big wood, big prices.
A little off the beaten path was the Remington Arms Museum.  They stopped factory tours last year.  Boo.

A slight detour to Heid's Hot Dog Stand in Liverpool, NY.  They have really interesting shaped hot dog buns.

Okay, my favorite part of yesterday is Lee and Great Barrington, MA.  My heartfelt thanks to Melanie and Sylven who told us to stop in these cute towns.  I LOVE Great Barrington!  Lots of antiquing, small town, lovely gourmet grocer, and friendly people.  This is my kind of town!  I already read about it on Wikipedia, and it's on the list of potential places to live down the road.

Today, we are hanging out in Ithaca and walking around Cornell, Emil's alma mater.  It's hot (78 degrees, but feels like 100), none of the buildings have air conditioning (what the heck!), and we can't find a coffee bar.

Good times.

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