Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grand Rapids Day One

The drive from Cincinnati to Grand Rapids was pretty easy, and it's my first time visiting the great Pure Michigan state.  Emil is familiar with the area since he used to work at Post Cereals in Battle Creek.  His fondest memory involves free cereal at every work break.

We are here visiting Wendy and her family.  I've known Wendy since 1993ish.  We were fellow waitresses at California Dreaming Restaurant in Greenville, SC.  I know, so long ago, right?  We even survived being roommates and sharing a bathroom, which she often locked me out of somehow (it had a door in to her room and the hallway).  I visited her several times when she lived in Washington DC and also in Fayetteville, Georgia.  We also met up every other Christmas at her Mom's house when we both returned to Greenville.  Her parents also visited us when we lived in Anchorage.

John fixed a gourmet dinner upon arrival.  Roast pork loin, potatoes/carrots/onions, and sauteed spinach.  We relaxed after dinner and discussed sightseeing possibilities.  Their two kiddos, Adrian and Adam are adorable, fun, affectionate, and spirited.

Today, we rode our bikes from their gorgeous house (almost completely unpacked which is amazing since they just moved here 10 days ago) to Millennium Park.  It has a beach, splashpad, five ponds, trails, and tennis courts.

After lunch, we explored downtown Grand Rapids and drove over to the campus to see Wendy's new office.

President Gerald Ford and Emil

The boys playing in a huge button - piece of art.

Statue of Rosa Parks and someone's hand.

Neat reflection of a building in a building.

Flying pig - another interesting piece of artwork
Tomorrow, we'll continue exploring Grand Rapids while Wendy is at work.  I've also been assigned to unpack the formal dining room.  This may take some time as I want to be extra careful!

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