Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hanging out in Forks (aka "Twilight" the movie)

It's been a fun adventure so far here in Forks, WA.  We arrived late on Wednesday night after a little shopping in Port Angeles and looking at the beautiful Strait of Juan de Fuca.  It was dark blue with lots of whitecaps.

Many thanks to Kelly and Jens for hooking us up with Gerry and his fishcamp for a place to stay for a few days!  It was nice to have a shower, electricity and a fridge.  When we camped on the San Juans, we ate mostly Mountain House meals and biked 4 miles to take a shower. 

We hiked to Second Beach in Lapush, and it was gorgeous, very dramatic sky.  See pics below:

Yesterday, we fished the Bogachiel River and the Calawah River.  No luck on the Bogachiel, but there were HUGE 30 inch steelhead in deep pools on the Calawah.  They laughed at us, swam away as we casted, and mocked our Wooly Buggers.

Fishing the Bogachiel River

Now, about this town, Forks (population is 2,500):  For you "Twilight" fans, you would be in heaven!  There are sandwiches named after Edward, Jacob and Bella.  Even a "Twilight"tour...three whole hours of stuff from the movie.  The campground we are staying at has a large billboard that says "Treaty Line."  Do you want a picture of it? 

4th of July festivities began yesterday, and we are eager to participate/spectate.  Today's activities include a frog jump and a cribbage tourney.  I may have to enter the cribbage tourney if there's big money to win.  We'll fish again tomorrow.  On Monday, there's a parade and salmon bake.  Looking forward to meeting some nice people here!  Everyone is super friendly.

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