Thursday, June 23, 2011

San Juan Island

We made it!  At least to the first island.  I slept the whole ferry ride since I get motion sick on boats.  It was a smooth ride, so I'm told.  Hopefully, I won't need Dramamine for the rest of the ferry rides...I'll just hang outside and focus on the horizon for the short duration.

Lakedale Resort is 5 miles from the ferry terminal, and it's a gorgeous ride, uphill.  Halfway to Lakedale, the hot sun and heavy (not super heavy) backpack was making me see things.  I swear I saw a camel sitting in a field, across from the San Juan Vineyards.  Turns out, it is a camel, and the winemaker has a wine named after him.  Interesting.

The resort is really nice with several stocked lakes, a cute general store, clean showers, and lots of privacy.  We are the only crazy ones camped out in the hiker/biker area of the campground.

Today, we biked into town to look around and to plug in the iPhone and iPhony at the library.  Yes, we are addicted to our technology.  We'll look for a cafe for lunch and maybe check out The Whale Museum or Lavender Farm later this afternoon.  Rumor has it they feed eagles and foxes at 5 p.m. a couple of miles away from the Resort.

I looked in our Moon Guide and realized the campground on Orcas Island is 14 miles from the ferry terminal.  Who was in charge of booking that one???  Oh yeah.  Me.  Guess I should've researched better for a closer campground since I'm pretty wimpy at biking.  We'll probably spend an extra night here on San Juan and maybe an extra night on Lopez Island.

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