Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Book Edits and Good Eats

Yesterday, I gulped down a McCafe Mocha, grabbed the laptop and started looking at Emil's edits on my book.  250+ comments.  After making the easy edits, I am left with 97 rewrites to do. 

Couple of observations:
1.  I spelled "peek" wrong every time I used it.  How does one "peak" around the corner and spy on a cute guy?  Exactly!  I know the flippin' difference, yet I spelled it wrong.  ARGH!
2.  I love using the word "munch" in lunch and dinner scenes.  Are my characters rabbits munching on lettuce?  Gosh, I hope not.
3.   Love starting sentences off with "Course."  Why do I do this, and what happens to the "Of?"  Must be a South Carolinian thing.

Lots of work for me to do and only a little time left before we take off for our adventure into the unknown.

Tonight, I tried out a new recipe for Pulled Pork.  Pretty darn good, though I didn't follow the recipe.  Email me or call me before you make it if you want my changes. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/sandra-lee/hawaiian-pulled-pork-sandwiches-recipe/index.html.

Fork tender pulled pork

Hawaiian sauce, pineapple, carrot and onion

Soft Rhodes Rolls which sat in the sun to rise a bit too long

Our freezer and fridge is slowly emptying out.  The van is clean on the inside and ready to haul fishing gear, camping supplies, and more.  Last care package to Tom is going out tomorrow, full of wet wipes and hard candy.  He said not to send chocolate, as it's 100+ degrees.  Whew!

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