Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brother Jon's Public House

I am in love.  The Captain Jack Sparrow sandwich at Brother Jon's Public House is DELISH.  I almost jumped off my bar stool and hugged the entire kitchen staff.  I also appreciate Kristin, the bartender, for recommending the sandwich!  The bread is so soft...incredibly soft, smack your mama soft!  There is ham, pineapple, pulled pork, cheese, sauteed onions, and a touch of mayo piled high on this lovely sesame bun.  Four pickles, and a generous helping of fresh cut fries.  Perfectly seasoned.  No salt, pepper or ketchup required.

Truly, I wanted to eat the entire sandwich in one sitting, but I saved half for dinner tonight.  Probably 30 WW points, but totally worth it.  I'll work out hard tomorrow to make up for it.

One fantastic sandwich!

It's also a very cute restaurant...small, 12 tables.  I went alone for a super late lunch and sat at the bar.  Huge kudos to the super guy at Bend Oregon Restaurants  He mentioned Brother Jon's multiple times on his website, and it totally lived up to his hype.  Next visit, I'll try the club sandwich!!

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  1. Yuppers, Bro J's is my favorite hang out. When you get the club you can go with the norm but if you're cool, you'll sub out the turkey for their smoked chicken. SO good.