Monday, February 14, 2011

The End and Valentine's Day

"The End."  I typed these two words yesterday afternoon, announced to Emil that I was done with my book, and we celebrated with an Oreo Blast from Sonic.  Double oreos, no whip cream.  I saved some of it in the freezer, so I wouldn't go over my WW points for the day.  It will be savored over the week.

Now the editing begins, and I'll finally have time to read the book "You can write a novel."  HA!  I've skimmed it, but now I can put it to good use as I look back over my work the next couple of weeks.

Today is Valentine's Day, and we have 29 mile an hour winds with a blue sky.  Newspaper boxes are blown over, and tumbleweed is flying high in the air on the highway.

No gifts or cards exchanged; instead we had a lovely lunch at The Victorian Cafe and spent quality time together before Emil headed off to work.  No pictures of food to post since we were too busy chowing down.  Emil had Eggs Benedict Verona (poached eggs, pastrami, capers, mustard hollandaise).  I chose the Pamplona Omelette (thinly sliced ribeye, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, red pepper, mushroom and homemade salsa).  I think Spencer and Josh would like it...very hearty.  I'll enjoy the rest of it for dinner tonight.

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