Thursday, January 20, 2011

Writing and all that goes with it

My good friend, Katie, calls me often, and I am so thankful for our random wonderful conversations.  I bring this up because I am usually doing research for my book or goofing off.  And this is how our conversation goes:

Katie:  Hey!  How are you?
Me:  Good.  What's the weather in Anchorage?
Katie:  Cold.  What are you doing?

Here's some of the responses I've had over the last few months:

1.  I just googled southern last names.  I need a different last name for my main character.
2.  Eating popcorn and reading a book on making cards with rubber stamps.
3.  Looking at  My main character has a shoe fetish.  What are some high end brands?
4.  Looking at  My main character also has a lipstick fetish.  I know you love lipstick too.  What are some good colors and brands?
5.  Dusting the logs inside.
6.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.
7.  Making cards.
8.  Giggling as I am putting together a birthday present for Josh.
9.  Playing with the cats.
10. Taking pictures of the dinner I just made.

Actually, maybe those were just last week's responses.

Many of you have inquired about my book since this is "my year of writing."  It's going fairly well, and I've gotten into a schedule.  First, I turn on the computer.  Next, I make a snack, either popcorn or roasted potatoes.  Next, I sit down and find where I left off writing from the evening before.  Next, I make hot tea with honey.  Next, I write out a few sentences.  Next, I heat my cold tea up in the microwave.  Then, I give the cats a treat.  Oh, and I play Pandora on the Jason Mraz station so I have tunes in the background.  Course, I skip every other song since it's John Mayer.  Yuck.

Somewhere in between all that, I work on my storyboard.  I have a huge piece of cardboard with yellow sticky notes in neat rows.  On each sticky note, I write the setting, characters and storyline for that particular chapter.  I am constantly rearranging them as I come up with some grand idea while I am making breakfast or working out.

I don't know how published authors write books, but as you can see it takes me awhile to get into the mood to write.  It's a totally fun process, and I'm really enjoying it.  If you could see my face, as I write certain scenes, you would laugh.  A lot.  I am channeling my Mother, Tom Bunger, my many bad dates, and my overactive imagination.

Oh yeah, an update.  I've written 41,406 words.  My goal is about 75,000 or so.  Then, the editing begins.

Well, Pandora is playing Jack Johnson.  I have dark chocolate covered almonds sitting next to the computer, and I am skipping tea tonight.  Better get busy.

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