Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cyclo-cross, anyone?

Emil and I went to the USA Cycling National Cyclo-cross Championships today in Bend and watched the Elite Women's Race.  VERY exciting!  The course was super muddy and wet since it rained all day yesterday.  However, today was a sunny beautiful day, 50 degrees!  On a side note, I watched the temperature rise last night from 36 to 52.  I've never seen the temp RISE in the evening.  I LOVE Central Oregon.

Deschutes Brewery rocks!

And, they're off!

And, now can you guess who didn't wear appropriate footwear to the event?

We ended the afternoon with a GREAT meal at Westside Bakery & Cafe.  Then, I came home to bake goodies to send to Tom, my lovely brother in Afghanistan.  I'll post pics tomorrow of the goodies!

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