Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thank you to all my friends in Anchorage for a great trip!  I went to hang with LoMo, and my friends came over for dinner, met for coffee and ran me around town for some good eats!  Thanks for being flexible and willing to hang at random times, spur of the moment.

I'll do separate posts in different categories.... food (you know I love food), friends and celebrity sightings (Spencer, you definitely qualify as a celebrity).


Giant Pig in a Blanket (Boo-yah, Josh!)

Homemade Fat Witch Brownies

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies a la Chef Anna Olson

Three salads, two hungry peeps

Beet Salad

Homemade Turkey Meatballs and AMAZING Pea Salad from Sara Spud.

Hot Chocolate and Coconut Almond Cookie from Sugarspoon
Sugarspoon Cupcakes

Here are some links for the homemade goodies.  Visit Sugarspoon for the delish Coconut Almond Cookie.  They have the best cookies in Anchorage.

Anna Olson Chocolate Chip Cookies
Fat Witch Brownies from Chelsea Market, NYC
Turkey Meatballs (ask Sara for her version of this recipe)

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