Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Dusting of Snow

Woke up this morning to the first dusting of snow.  See pics below.  It melted two hours later, and it's sunny and 45 degrees now.  I love Oregon weather!

We also had two bucks and three does in the front yard this morning.  As my good friend LoMo said, "it's like a safari at your house."

Eight point buck
Speaking of has been a wild week since I returned from Anchorage last Saturday.

1.  Emil escorted a two inch frog out of our entryway.  The frog was just hanging out on the shoes, taking in the sights.  Not quite sure how he snuck in the house.
2.  Three chickens started roosting on the porch near the grill.  So, I decided to break this little habit.  Emil's new fishing rod case was perfect to swing around as I chased them into the coop, one by one.  They are quite smart and split up when I start chasing them off the porch.  The trick is keeping the coop door open as I persuade them to enter and not letting them sneak out again while I am off chasing another chicken. 

Definitely two Weight Watcher Activity Point for this exercise!

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