Monday, October 25, 2010

You have to hide behind a tree to tie one on.
- Chester at Sportsman Warehouse in Medford, as he was describing how quickly the trout react during a salmon fly hatch.

Going (to the) Rogue

Spent a nice afternoon in Medford with family yesterday and dropped off our visitors at the airport super early this morning to catch their ride back to Cincinnati.  Stopped at several fly shops to obtain the current fishing reports and headed for the Rogue River.  It rained as we fished two different locations.  No luck, but no current hatches, so it was really just casting practice.

My norm is to wear Chacos until the snow flies.  Well, it snowed all the way home to Redmond tonight.  Glad I had a pair of socks to keep me toasty in the car as Emil navigated through the mountain passes, about 6 inches of snow in some areas.

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  1. Always pushing the envelope as far as appropriate footwear. We expect nothing else.