Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today, we relaxed and took a day off from housework and chores.  After picking up The Source Weekly Entertainment paper for Bend, we saw several festivals scheduled for this weekend.

First stop: Bend Fall Festival.  Food booths galore, live music, arts and crafts.  We picked up a plate of yakisoba noodles with teriyaki chicken from the vendor below.  The thigh pieces were served on a kabob stick and were tender and very flavorful.  The noodles were mounded on the plate and perfectly seasoned. 

One vendor in particular stood out.  Guten Tag Bags.  Handmade here in Oregon, and they are SO CUTE.  I already googled them, and she sells them on  I'll have to pick up a bag from her.

Second stop:  Farmers Market over at Northwest Crossing.  It was small and catered to an upscale crowd.  Many of the vendors sold organic beef and goat.  Two bakery vendors, veggie vendor and a fruit vendor.  We picked up two peaches grown in Tacoma (shout out to Tom Bunger).

Final stop:  Bendistillery's 15th Anniversary Party. The ad in the The Source promised free food, free tastings of spirits, live music and cyclocross.  Wait.. what?  They weren't kidding.  Bendistillery is the first organic vodka and gin distillery in the world. It's located on a large farm off Highway 20.  They have several award winning products, and we took a short tour of the property.  Very impressive.. they are going to build a greenhouse to grow peppers for their pepper infused vodka and will grow beets for sugar.  Wow.  Here are a few pictures of the cyclocross and peppers marinating:

It was a fun day, despite a little rain.  Back at the farm, we collected two beautiful brown eggs.  Just in time for a little Sunday baking if the rain continues tomorrow.

Next items on my checklist:  either join the gym or pick up a step and exercise DVDs (thanks to Lori Moore for the great idea), make a wish list of places to eat in Bend and Redmond (I have a list for Portland, thank you Spencer!), and work on my book.  I also still need to try and relax a little instead of running around every minute of the day cleaning, cooking, worrying and more.  Any tips on how to relax? 

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