Sunday, September 05, 2010

Greetings to all on the eve of our departure.  All is going well.  The van is loaded to maximum capacity.  Seven flyrods and lots of snacks. 

It's been a fabulous weekend.  Friday, we fished Quartz Creek (caught nothing) and the Kenai River with Chris Menefee, a good friend.  I caught a 17 inch Dolly Varden, and it was beautiful.  See the picture and note the United Way shirt.  LIVE UNITED!

On Saturday, we floated the Kenai with Alaska Troutfitters.  Paul was our awesome guide, one of three CCI's here in Alaska.  He put us in to some nice sized fish, and we all caught rainbows and Dollys.  I'll post pics later of the 26 inch rainbow that I caught.  Stayed overnight in Cooper Landing and spent some quality time with Mariko Churchill.  Ate some delish food, including a Chocolate Hazelnut Cake from Sugarspoon.  A sweet ending to a nice weekend.

We head out in the morning, so I hope to post from the road.  Email me if you need me cause I think my phone in Canada will be turned off due to roaming charges.  I miss you, and thank you for all the warm wishes and fun times.

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