Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three weeks from Tuesday, we will set off to Redmond.  Our van will be filled with flyfishing gear (no spin fishing for me anymore!), mountain bikes, my binder of recipes, and my card making supplies.  First item on my list (of course, I have a list with little checkboxes) is to join a gym.  Then we will unpack.

For now, we are busy sorting and selling our stuff.  Ferrying items to Eagle River to store at my in laws.  And trying to decide if I should sell my car.  I love my little Honda.  It's been a good car for 12 years.  150,000 miles, oil changes and a couple of battery changes.  It made it up here twice from good ol' Greenville (G Vegas), South Carolina.  Guess, I will have to decide soon.  Sigh.

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